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When you are looking for quality used games, look no further than Crashcity Games. We sell a wide variety of used tabletop games, board games, card games, role playing games, and more! No matter what age you are or skill level you may possess, we guarantee that you can find a game you, your friends, and your family will love in our eBay shop. Crashcity Games proudly ships anywhere in the Unites States through our online store.

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At Crashcity Games, we design our games to not only be fun, but to help you make lasting memories. Each of our indie games is play-tested to make sure that it flows smoothly and has absolutely no flaws in game play. Whether you are looking for a simple card game to bring out at parties, or you want a more expansive indie game for your weekly game night, you can find it here at Crashcity Games.

A Family-Owned & Operated Game Development Company

“For as long as I can remember, I have loved playing games. I remember learning to play chess when I was 10 from the man who was my dad when he didn't have to be. He taught us the value of playing well, winning well, and losing well. We also enjoyed Monopoly nights with the rest of my family. Tabletop  gaming  was definitely  in my blood.

In about 2010, I decided to work on my first card game. I based it on real pirates, and now I realize that the concept would have been so complicated that it would have never worked.  I then tried a mafia game, and, again, it was so complicated that it would not have been marketable. My third attempt worked a little better, and I actually had a working prototype. Unfortunately, it was easily broken and not very playable. 

I began working on my first major project in 2016. Split Paradox: Skewing the Time Line, while still needing some TLC, was completely playable.  From there, the ideas came flooding into my mind, and I had to choose which ones to work on.

In 2018, Crashcity Games became a reality! My sons and I founded this game design company because we love playing games together.  My oldest son, Matthew, is our staff artist, and my youngest son, Chris, helps develop cards. My job is to remind them of deadlines and bring our concepts to life.

Crashcity Games strives to bring you the best in tabletop gaming! Thank you for your interest in us!”
Don Haymaker
Owner & Designer, Crashcity Games

In Honor of “Old Man”

Steve Haynes was a great man with a love of board games and his family. A beloved uncle and father, he taught his family the value of playing well, winning compassionately, and losing gracefully. With every game we create and sell at Crashcity Games, we hope to honor his memory and spread the love of gaming he sparked in us.

Designing Quality Games for Families & Friends

Crashcity Games designs and develops games that match a wide variety of tastes and play styles. Whether you want a traditional board game, an advanced tabletop game, or a casual card game, we have ideas for it all! Our games are perfect for families and friends, and cater to everyone ages three and older. For more information about the indie games we develop, feel free to contact us! We proudly ship anywhere in the United States.

Split Paradox: Skewing the Timeline

Imagine that you are a time traveler adventuring through the ages in search of financial gain. Maybe your interests lie in finding that one item that was thought lost for all time. Use time travel to search for the secrets of the universe. If political gain is your ambition, use time travel to your advantage to manipulate world leaders. Or, you might want to be the temporal enforcement agent that wants to make sure everything stays the way it is supposed to be.
If that sounds interesting to you, this card/board game is just what you are looking for.


In this interactive deck-building game, each player is a fantasy shop owner trying to increase their inventory to lure in bold heroes to buy their wares. Deck building strategy is the key to victory!

To Dream or Not to Dream

Are you having a good dream or a nightmare? How are your story-telling skills? This card game will keep you intrigued as you use the words on the cards to weave your deepest secrets from your sub-conscious.

Going Twice

Have you ever wanted to dive into the world of buying abandoned storage lockers? In this fast-paced card game, each player bids their wealth on the possibility of gaining that one treasure that will make them rich!


Decisions, decisions. There are two secret societies trying to recruit you, and you must decide between them. Which one will you choose, or will you remain unaffiliated? This party game will keep you and your friends guessing until the last minute!


Become a Creature of the Night in search of blood so that you can be strong enough to make those puny humans do your bidding. Match wits against the others of your kind as they try to bend you to their will. But watch out for the master hunter!

This dueling card game will keep you guessing until the last drop of blood!


Purchase your gladiators, train them in your Ludis, and be the Dominus that rises to great glory and riches in the arena! In this miniatures game, you will command your gladiators to fight and die, all for the glory of Rome!

Ludis can be played in one-shots, scenarios, or campaigns.

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